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Dang Quoc An


??? Sweet Apple Pro Max ???

1. Story: (please read before buy)

 Gaining 30 40 50 even 100% profit within a day and then lose all, have you ever in that situation, or you ever saw someone still in that endless loop. x2 x3 profit then they have nothing. Hey my friend, stop thinking like that anymore, we will never be alive in this market if you are still thinking that you can become a millionaire quickly.

The top investment fund in the world just gained 14.5% in 2021. You can google with name NBIM.
So, if you think you can gain profit more than these funds, just apply to these organizations,
I think you will have very nice offer :D 

Therefore, I am here to tell you these things

  • We can not make profit continuously day by day ⛔. 
  • We can not get rich quick from this market ⛔.
  • The return must be calculated by year, not day week or month.
  • Think about the risk first ?.
  • Back test history data before run it in real money.
  • And, trust 100% the bot/strategy you are using, do not change it ?.

2. Features:

  • Best profit with Apple stock (APPL.NAS) chart (please do not try with any other chart)
  • Win rate = 68% (very high ?)
  • Risk:Reward Ratio = 5/8 (Stop loss = 5, Take profit = 8) ???
  • Balance Drawdown Maximal (with account $1000) = 3.98% (extremely safe)???
  • Just about 1-3 trade for a month (extremely safe)???

3. Profit and Risk level: (back test real data: 01/2018 – 01/2022):

  1. Lot size = 10 (when you trade stock, this is the minimum lot size)
    • Balance: $1000
    • Profit: $2246.91 ???
    • Annual profit: 56.15%?
    • Balance drawdown maximal: $101.74 (3.98%)?
    • Consecutive wins: 8 trades ($653.39) ?
    • Consecutive losses: 2 trades ($100.94) ?
    • Result image:
  2. Lot size = 20
    • Balance: $1000
    • Profit: $4493.79 ???
    • Annual profit: 112.30%?
    • Balance drawdown maximal: $203.48 (4.94%)?
    • Consecutive wins: 8 trades ($1306.78) ?
    • Consecutive losses: 2 trades ($201.88) ?
    • Result image:
  3. Lot size = 30 (I recommend the maximal lot size for account $1000)
    • Balance: $1000
    • Profit: $6739.98 ???
    • Annual profit: 168.45%?
    • Balance drawdown maximal: 305.22 (5.38%)?
    • Consecutive wins: 8 trades ($1959.88) ?
    • Consecutive losses: 2 trades ($302.82) ?
    • Result image:

You can take a deep look on the results I list upper and decide your risk appetite, more lot size → more profit and more risk ???

4. Set up:

So easy, we just have 4 inputs: 

  • Chart: Apple stock (APPL.NAS)
  • Time frame: H1
  • LOT_SIZE: you can input the lot size that you want to trade, the bot always using this lot to trade.
  • SL = 5, TP =  8: I had tons of testing, so I recommend you to use R:R = 5:8  ?
  • Calculate balance to have a better LOT_SIZE: true/false - so if you set = true, the bot will help you to calculate lot size following your balance, but I recommend you set it = false and the lot size will be always the same for all, that means you are more safe. But if you do like much profit and also much risk, your decision ? (just back testing history data, and you will see the difference when changing this config ?)

Recommended broker: ICMarkets - Raw spread account.


That's it, I think you should have more back tests before run the bot in real money.

Any questions, you can text me on telegram: @arcquocan

Many thanks!

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