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GO Trendline was created to make it easier to train forex trading skills in backtester and at the same time make it easier to live trade using trendlines.

+ Can be used to perform recovering loss positions made by other ea or positions that open manually. Fill in magic number=0, then the ea will automatically recognize all open positions in the symbol/currency.

Go Trendline can be used in 3 mode:
1. Semi manual auto, manually open positions with the trendline and the rest the bots will take over.
2. Full Manual, open and close by trendline
3. Full auto by selecting the auto option.
1. Manual Trendline 1: By just pressing a button, the trendline will be drawn automatically.
2. Manual Trendline 2: Experts will recognize a hand-drawn trendline.
3. Manual Trendline 3: By simply pressing a button, the bot will place a pending order.
4. Auto 1: Expert will automatically place pending buy and sell orders.
5. Auto 2: Expert will automatically open position based on MA cross
6. Auto 3: Expert will automatically place pending orders based on the Hilo range.

Bot explanation: here | How to trade properly : here |  MT4: here

Input parameters:

1. Manage Open Positions
+ Trade Buy: allow buy
+ Trade Sell: allow sell
+ Open Position Mode: Select the open position method
+ Reverse the Auto mode signal : Reverse the signal
+ Delete trendline after opening a position: set false for continuous pending orders.

2. Manual Trendline 3 & Auto 1.3 Parameter
+ Hilo One Candle timeframe: select timeframe (D1, W1, MN1)
+ Minimum Hilo Range to Start Pending Orders (in pips): minimum High and Low Range to start pending orders
+ Distance of pending orders from the current price (in pips): Distance in pips
+ Step size to move pending order (in pips): Step for trail the pending order

3. Manage Lot and Money 
+ AutoLot: use automatic lot calculation
+ Risk% (if AutoLot = true): risk per trade for calculation of the auto lot size.
+ if Autolot = false, fill in Start Lot: fill in the initial lot
+ Maximal Lots: max lot per trade

4. Manage SLTP & Trailling 
+ Virtual Stop Loss (in pips): Stop loss in pips
+ Virtual Take Profit (in pips): Takeprofit in pips
+ Trailling Start (in pips): Trailling starts in pips
+ Trailling Size (in pips): Step trailling in pips

5. Time Management
+ Trade Start Time: Time to start placing pending orders
+ Trade End Time: The time the trading session ends

6. Manage GRID 
+ Use GRID: manage GRID
+ Lot Type: Select lot type
+ Multiplier for Martingale: Multiplier lot coefficient
+ Maxtrade: Max trade allowed

7. Buy Grid Parameter
+ Use Hedging Buy: Hedge buy positions
+ Use Pyramid Buy: Open a long position if the initial position is profitable
+ Use Averaging Buy: Open a long position if the initial position is losing
+ Buy Step (in pips): Distance to open the next long position
+ Expanding Step Coefficient Buy: coefficient multiplier

8. Sell Grid Parameter
+ Use Hedging Sell: Hedge sell positions
+ Use Pyramid Sell: Open a short position if the initial position is profitable
+ Use Averaging Sell: Open a short position when the initial position is losing
+ Sell Step (in pips): Distance to open the next short position
+ Expanding Step Coefficient Sell: coefficient multiplier

9. Manage Drawdown Reduction 
+ Use Auto Close Partial, in money: drawdown reduction algorithm, in money
+ Choose Close Partial Method: select close partial method:
+ Close partial buy & sell: partial close by bringing 1 buy loss & 1 sell loss
+ Close partial buy / sell: partial close by bringing only 1 buy loss or 1 sell loss.
+ Close partial all: A combination of close partial buy & sell and close partial buy / sell.
+ Number of trade to activate partial close: Number of open positions to start applying partial close.
+ Minimum profit to close partial $: Minimum profit amount to do partial close, in money.

10. Manage Trailling Money 
+ Trailling (in money): Trail profit in money. 
+ Trail Money All (in Percentage): Trail profit in percentage. 

11. Manage Others 
+ Max Spread (in Pips): allowed spreads.
+ Coefficient (if Freeze = 0 Or StopsLevels = 0): Multiplier coefficient when freezelevel / stoplevel = 0
+ Magic Number: EA identifies open positions based on this magic number. Fill in 0 (Zero) so that ea can recognize all positions opened manually or by other eas.


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