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MetaTrader 4


This trade copy utility allows you to instantly copy and sync unlimited orders from multiple masters to multiple slaves on your local machine. You can create custom channels (or portfolios) with advanced filtering to copy from multiple masters (on one or several accounts) over to multiple slaves (on one or several accounts). Moreover, you can tailor these channels with an array of lot sizing and trade condition elements to ensure copied trades outperform the original source. Copy from MT4 to MT4, MT4 to MT5, MT5 to MT5 and MT5 to MT5. 

Additionally, most trade copiers lack full visualization of which trades synced or not and why, and at what price and time with all the key differentials. Not ours. You will see master and slave trades synced up in a beautiful panel that displays your configurations, plus customizable columns for showing master and slave ticket side by side. You will also see symbol, order type, lot size, open price, price diff, open time, time diff, SL and TP in price and pips, open profits and pips, spread, magic, comment, and close button. There is a trade specific info log explaining what (and why) trades synced or not. Copying is fast, reliable, and robust. 

MT5 version here. PM me for zip file of free trial versions for MT4 and MT5.  

Feature Highlights:

  • Copy between unlimited MT4 & MT5 accounts.

    MT4 to MT4
    MT4 to MT5 
    MT5 to MT4
    MT5 to MT5

    * Note: To copy between MT4 and MT5, the MT5 version needs to be purchased separately. 

  • Switch between master or slave within same EA.

  • You can have one or multiple masters (on one or multiple accounts) copy over to one or multiple slaves (on one or multiple accounts). 

  • Slave's account can still trade manually or use other EAs without conflict.

  • Automatic and manual symbols mapping between master and slave. 

  • Allow special symbols setup (i.e.: US_500=US500;US_30=US30, etc.,).

  • Market and Pending orders copying

  • Max Price, Spread and Time Deviation options (even time schedule options). 

  • Option to limit Max Trades on Slave

  • Option to copy if Account Equity/Margin/(DD%) is above (below) certain level

  • Option to copy by order type

  • Option to copy old orders

  • Option to copy only if master is positive or negative by x pips or atr multiplier. 

  • Option to recopy closed trades

  • Lot copying options

    • As original
    • Fixed Lot (overwrite)
    • With multiplier
    • Risk %
    • Proportional Ratio
    • Money Ratio (ex: 0.01 per $300)
    • User can set Max and Min lot for slave account

  • SL and TP syncing options
    • Sync
    • Don’t Sync 
    • Overwrite in pips/points
    • Overwrite in ATR

  • Indicator Filter Options
    • Filter by MA Crossover
    • Filter by Momentum
    • Filter by RSI 

  • Options to overwrite or modify original magic and comment

    • Option NOT to sync closing of positions

      • Advanced symbol, magic, and comment filtering (equal, not-equal, contain, not-contain) on both master and slave

      • Advanced notification system 
        • Popup notifications on chart 
        • Alerts, Email and Push notifications

      • Robust copying. You can do any form of copying with advanced filters and conditions while maintaining low CPU usage. 
        • Fast and reliable copying. All trades that meet filter and trade conditions are quickly copied, and all parameters are saved and properly restored after MT restart / shutdown. 

        Panel Features

          • Top Left Corner

            • Displays master ID and slave ID
            • Shows all custom lot sizings, trade configurations and filters

          • Main Display

            • Master and slave ticket, symbol, type, size, open price, price diff, open time, time diff, SL and TP in price and pips, open profits and pips, spread, magic, comment.
            • Symbol switching - click on any symbol to switch chart to that symbol
            • Option to close trade(s) on master or slave (without reopening)
            • Info log for each trade indicating what was synced (type, size, symbol at price with ticket) or ignored with reason

          • Bottom Left
            • Button to Show(Hide) custom columns to see more info or reduce panel width
            • Detailed log showing time trade was synced or ignored with reason (ex. Trade ignored, buy 0.02 USDSEK, ticket 38484, Reason: Magic Number 1293 not allowed). 
            • Buttton to Show (Hide) log


          • For master, drop EA on any chart(s) of MT4 terminal(s), choose any master ID, and Mode=Master

          • For slave, drop EA on any chart(s) of separate MT4 terminal(s), use same master ID you want slave to sync with, and Mode=Slave


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