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Here you will find many programs for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which save the trader from routine operations and help him concentrate only on the really important things

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Investment Protector/Virtual Private Server Account Protector prevents risk of ruin per trading cycle.

Retail forex trading accounts are designed with stop out levels that make it impossible to quickly restore lost trading capital (to initial levels) whenever a human or algorithm trader blows an account.

This hampers the efforts of the trader who increases their account value many times over, but loses everything within a short while, due to some wrong trade entries or decisions.

The Investment Protector solves this challenge by enforcing that a significant remnant of your capital remains, whenever net losing positions threaten total equity loss.

This Expert Adviser's approach is more complex than a simple stop-loss setting as it allows a tolerance for recovery before shutting down all trades.

It goes a step further by discouraging an impatient trader from opening new positions by shutting down the Meta trader window/applet, which removes it from one's immediate work space.

It also provides a hedging option that occurs before the maximum draw down set level is reached.

It also allows you to receive email notifications and real time phone calls (in over 24 audible languages of your choice) when critical activities occur on your trading accounts.





Minimum Equity Retention (Percentage of Account Balance)

Minimum Investment Retention (in Account Currency Units)

Shut Down MT4 after Closing Trades (true/false)




Hedge all Trades (true/false)

Hedge Equity (Percentage of Account Balance)

Critical Free Margin Hedging (Percentage of Account Balance)

Margin-Hedge Re-activation Margin (Percentage of Account Balance)




Email Address

Send Email Summary/Notification (true/false)

Phone Number (International Format)

Instant Phone Call Notification (true/false)

How to use

1. Draw Down Settings

Indicate the minimum retention of your investment here.

If your trades are positive, this value updates every 24 hours.

A. You can state the percentage of your funds, you desire to keep, no matter the circumstances.

B. You can also state the monetary value of your funds you desire to keep no matter the circumstances. Most traders after rolling over an account, update this value to their initial investment value here to ensure they have similar circumstances if they have to start again.

The higher of these two values is used by the program for determining the maximum draw down allowed on the account it runs on.

C. You can select whether the program closes the Meta Trader 4 Terminal in case the minimum retention value is hit, after exiting all trades.

2. Hedge Settings

A. You select whether you want hedging functionalities turned on or off.

B. You select the percentage of account equity (in account balance terms) at which hedging occurs, this value must always be higher than the inputted minimum retention value.

C. You select the percentage of the free margin (in account balance terms) at which hedging occurs. It must be noted that if the free margin is less than zero, option 2B becomes null and void, as new hedge positions will not be allowed on the account. To turn this option off, simply set this value to zero "0".

D. Whenever position(s) are hedged, and part or all of the hedged positions are closed, the price levels must move a certain distance from the levels where hedging occurred for the program's hedging property to get active again. This allows account recovery if one gets the market direction right, and prevents persistent hedging at the selected equity hedge level.

3. Communication Settings (Not Functional in Demo Versions)

A. Input your email address here to get emails notifications whenever a hedge or maximum draw down occurs.

B. Turn this option on or off.

C. Input a phone number to receive real-time phone calls whenever a hedge or maximum draw down occurs.

D. Turn this option on or off.

E. Choose a language you would like to listen in, when you receive phone calls.


If for any reason you do not like the purchased program, you can request a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. You can also make an exchange for any other product at an equal cost or by paying the difference.

Simply send a request for refund or exchange with your order number by email:

Refund requests received more than 30 days after purchase will be rejected.

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